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what i actually said: i forgot
what my parents heard: i hate you and i am determined to fail at life, go to prison, and bring dishonor to this family. i care about nothing except my computer and tv shows and you can just go burn in hell for all i care. also i'm pregnant.


a girlfriend would be cool.

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no but potterstuck where john is the quidditch announcer

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you….


My headcanons!

Who kills the bugs
Who hogs the sheets
Who hates mornings
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law
Who drives
Who gets horny in awkward public places
Who had a scene phase
Who wore braces
Who got bullied.
Who collects ceramic elephants.

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first trip to hogsmeade dave and jade and rose lose track of john and they only find him near the end of the trip as he comes out of zonkos with his arms completely full going “i don’t even know what half of this stuff does but i can’t wait to find out”

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